One of La Zone Optique’s favourite brands right now, Frédéric Beausoleil, designs chic models that incorporate a discreet but inspired creativity. He targets women and men in search of a certain je ne sais quoi. Settled in Paris since 1987, the French brand features designs that distinguish themselves by the desire to be different, simply put. 

Born in a craftsman’s former workshop, the brand likes to combine its love of ancestral know-how and its modern vision of the eyewear industry. Frédéric Beausoleil’s glasses are always made with respect for the transmission of these traditions, combining artisanal expertise and high technicality. It is a sophisticated and elegant collection that combines different references just like its demanding clientele, a clientele that uses accessories to stand out and recognize each other.

Having long worked with acetate, the designer makes more and more excursions into metal to follow the current trends. Frédéric Beausoleil offers collections with retro lines where every design has its own assets. Exclusive textures, unusual details, colourful harmonies… these glasses cultivate originality without being excessive.

Blurring the lines between tradition and aesthetic bias, the brand will appeal to the most demanding glasses wearer. You will be completely "crazy" for this brand, as we are....