Design: Los Angeles and made in Italy, Rédélé is a brand of male and female lifestyle glasses put into production since 2012 by the rule breaker Alessandro De Vecchi and his team of Free Spirits. After five years of creative advancement, the team offers something new, young, fresh and attractive for a changing market. Rédélé is an urban and sophisticated style, one draws inspiration from contemporary art and avant-garde design.Inspiration of classic models, legendary icons of yesterday’s losangeline, it is also inspired by California’s current atmosphere.Technological and very light, they combine comfort, lightness and innovation, fundamental aspects of the brand and the origin of the name: that of Jean Rédélé, visionary founder of the emblematic Alpine, the car that submits the Europeans 50’. This was an important inspiration for Alessandro De Vecchi, founder of Rédélé, who created the brand with the same idea in mind. Distinguished by the great and passionate Italian know-how.

The glasses are made from an ultra-innovative material, the TR2R, the result of extensive research conducted by Rédélé on an exclusive polymer designed to last extraordinarily long.Titanium is also a preferred material in the Rédélé design.

Each pair of glasses has ultra-light and ultra-flexible branches made of beta-titanium, with junctions made from a single piece.The width of the branch is 0,65mm, which gives the wearer an unprecedented sense of lightness and comfort, making it the perfect pair for everyday use.

Another highlight of the solar collection is the polarized and finished CR-30 lenses with a stain resistant reflective coating and UV filters for protection against UV and UR sunlight.