Designs et tendances 2021 dans les lunettes

Since we are little, we have been taught about the great importance of the sense of sight, during our day-to-day life. Without a full sense of sight, or directly without it, it would be too complicated to function in our environment.

Did you know that about 50% of the work the brain does is devoted to image processing? It seems incredible, but many of our daily activities would be limited, in some way, if we did not possess our sense of sight in optimal conditions.

Our vision can be affected, in many cases, and we can even suffer from some eye problem such as astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia. Most of the time, these problems are easily treatable, by using lenses. However, not everyone likes to wear them.

designs et les tendances des lunettes

Did you know that more than 2.5 billion people in the world need glasses and don't know it or don't want to wear them? Surprising, isn't it? Wearing lenses is not as bad as it may seem: let's remember the importance of having a full sense of sight, something that can be achieved through the use of good glasses.

Are you buying glasses for the first time, or are you trading in your old ones for new ones? Do you want to wear fashionable glasses? You're in the right place! From La Zone Optique, experts in quality eyewear manufacturing, from 2012, we want to tell you all about eyewear designs and trends, by 2021. Read carefully!

How do you choose the perfect lens for you?

Choosing the right eyewear for you can be very difficult, especially if you're a first-time buyer. But today you'll learn that it's not as complicated as you might think, or as it looks from the outside.

There are an infinite number of types of glasses, and there will be a good variety of designs and trends, specific to this year. How do you choose them? There are two basic factors to consider when choosing the right glasses: your personal tastes and the shape of your face.

The first factor is up to you, as there is nothing better than having something you like and feel like wearing. We'll talk to you about the second factor below, so take note, because this information will surely be very useful to you.

Oval face 

Visage ovale

Let's start with what many call the "perfect face": the oval face. There is nothing more to say: it has the shape of an oval. People with an oval face are very lucky, as almost all types of glasses will look great on them, no problem.

So, feel free to choose lenses with any type of frame, because they're sure to look great: from the smallest to the largest, from the most rectangular to the most rounded.

Square Face 

Square Face

This type of face is characterized by having approximately the same dimensions on all sides, hence its name: it resembles a square. Due to these characteristics, the features of this type of face are usually quite marked.

So, what kind of glasses are preferable for square faces? Well, in this case, you'll look better with a round or oval frame. This design will fit better than if you choose a square one. One last piece of advice is that you should choose glasses that are not too small, but not too big either. 

Round face

Round face

Do you remember the oval face? It is quite similar to it, but differs in that it is not elongated upward, but rather, as its name indicates: it is round. One of its most notable characteristics is that the forehead is not usually so large.

A round face will look very much like an oval frame lens. Pay attention to the thickness of the frame, as it will look much better if the glasses have a thick, sturdy frame than a thin one.

Heart shaped face 

Heart shaped face

It's a very curious name, but one that makes a lot of sense, when analyzing its characteristics. A heart-shaped face is characterized by a very prominent forehead and a small chin, resembling the shape of a heart.

A heart-shaped face will look great with oval or rectangular (even round) frames, but be careful not to make the frame too thick. As far as size is concerned, medium to large lenses can work well.

Trapezoid Face 

Trapezoid Face

This type of face is the opposite of the heart shaped face, that is, its forehead is usually thinner, but its chin and jaw are more marked, giving a trapezoid shape to the face.

And what type of lens to choose for a trapezoid-shaped face? A lens with a round or oval frame (or similar) would be good. Another type of glasses that come in handy for trapezoid-shaped faces are the half frame or half hoop (i.e., those with frames only on top).

The types of lenses that will be the trend in 2021 

All right, now you know the types of glasses that look best on your face, and you're sure to have a more informed approach to your choice. But which eyewear designs will be the trend by 2021? Without further ado, we'll tell you right now. Let's specify what we mean by glasses or lenses, and what type of frame they have.

Round and oval 

Round and oval

Have you heard that some classics don't go out of style? Food, clothing, music, movies... In eyewear designs this will be no exception this year - round and oval lenses are back in fashion!

So, if you like this design, don't hesitate to get your glasses, in this nice retro format. In metal, in plastic? It doesn't matter what material you make.



Let's continue with other classics: the tortoiseshell glasses. They are not for all tastes, but remember that in tastes they break schemes. They are very popular and look great, to use with casual clothing. And yes, they will also be a trend for 2021.

There may be sudden variations, in terms of the shape of these, in terms of the most usual. For example, at the end of 2020, round shaped tortoiseshell lenses were very popular.

Aviator type 

Aviator type

Another type of glasses that will be the trend is the aviator type. They are available in different styles: rectangular, round, oval, teardrop, ellipse, etc. They are characterized by a bar that joins both rings of the frame at the top, which reminds the lenses used by some airplane pilots.



Finally, let's talk about another type of glasses that were already known before: the rectangular type with thin rings. That's right, those same ones that triumphed decades ago, are present again in 2021.

With their metallic or plastic frames, in bright or matte colors, they can look very formal, but the truth is that they also look quite good with casual clothes. Don't hesitate to choose them either, if you like these.

Where to buy quality glasses? 

Up to this point, you know the styles of eyewear that will be most popular during 2021 and with which you can be fashionable. You also know how to choose them, depending on the types of face (and we hope our advice will be useful to you), but... Where to buy good glasses?

The truth is that you also have many options, but if you are in Montreal, Quebec, near Saint-Denis Street, you have the advantage of being able to visit our facilities, because at La Zone Optique we are experts in the manufacture of high-quality lenses, with more than 8 years of experience!

Do you want to know how we operate? Click here to find out. We have a wide range of services and an extensive catalog of products, which you can see in our online store.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! You can also book your appointment here, for a VIP attention. Visit our blog for more tips. Trust us, we have a solution for every customer.

March 05, 2021 — Publissoft Inc