Beautiful thin and light titanium frames.

Every step of the manufacturing process is meticulously handcrafted, combining state-of-the-art technology with a human touch. For Gigi Barcelona, it's all about the details.

It takes more than 100 steps to produce each Gigi Barcelona frame. The frames are designed with the following goals in mind: comfort, functionality and durability. Achieving the most sophisticated aesthetic is Gigi Barcelona's main goal.

Gigi Barcelona chooses tradition over mass production. The original design created by the designers is the constant reference for the craftsmen who sculpt the final product.

At the end of each phase of the manufacturing process, all products are rigorously inspected. In this way, any anomaly is detected in time. A rigorous final quality control finalizes the process, and ensures that all our products launched on the market comply with the highest quality standards.

Each manufacturing step is meticulously handcrafted combining both leading technology and the human touch. To Gigi Barcelona, it's all in the details.

More than 100 steps are needed in order to produce each of Gigi Barcelona frames, The frames fulfil this main purposes: comfort, functionality and durability. Reaching the most sophisticated aesthetics is the main purpose of Gigi Barcelona's work.

Gigi Barcelona looks for tradition rather than mass production. The original drawing made by Gigi Barcelona designers is the constant reference for the artisans who sculpt the final product.

All products are inspected rigorously once each of the phases of the manufacturing process are done. By doing so, any anomaly that could remain hidden is detected in time. The process ends with a final rigorous quality control ensuring that all the products reaching the market meet the highest standards of quality.