More than a story, that of Giorgio Nannini is an evolution.

An evolution begins from a simple organism, which becomes the point of support around which new functions begin to develop that increase its complexity.

For this amazing Italian collection, this point of support was Giorgio Nannini, who in 1954 studied and began to produce technical glasses for car and motorcycle drivers. The expansion of this study led to the manufacture of indestructible technical glasses suitable for skiing and sailing.

The advancement of production technologies and the emergence of new artistic needs has led him to develop a product to make hearts beat: today’s Giorgio Nannini models have everything that the person, who is looking for an emotionally perfect Italian product will find and even more! The fits are just perfect, the quality impeccable and the geometric shapes pushed to the extreme while keeping a harmony proper to the brand.

What is really fundamental to an evolving reality is to always be on the move. That is why we live today with the irresistible eagerness to know what will happen tomorrow and that we continue to push the boundaries of artistic creation of perfect optical products.