Mykita uses Acetate Renew for all their frames and parts made of acetate. MYKITA was the first in the eyewear industry to fully switch its acetate supply to the sustainable Eastman Acetate Renew. The premium quality of this innovative material made a complete pivot to a sustainable option possible without compromising the appearance or performance of our eyewear. 

Eastman Acetate Renew is a mostly bio-based material made from certified sustainable wood pulp that uses recycled waste plastics in place of fossil-based resources. Acetate Renew is identical in look, feel, and performance to traditional acetate of the highest quality, but results in an eyewear frame with a much lower carbon footprint, reduced by up to a third when compared to the traditional manufacturing process.

Molecular recycling is a pioneering technology used to make Acetate Renew. It is able to break down previously hard-to-recycle plastics to the molecular level in order to form new acetate in the same quality as the traditional material. This innovation of the circular economy makes it possible to actively divert plastic waste from landfills, incinerators or ending up in the ocean. 

43% cellulose, FSC or PEFC certified chain of custody.
27% ISCC PLUS certified recycled content achieved via mass balance approach.
30% traditional plasticiser (incl. stabiliser, additives, colour pigments). BPA free.

Compared to traditional acetate, the use of Acetate Renew
• reduces the CO2 footprint by up to a third per frame.
• reduces the CO2 footprint by 800 grams per kilogram of Acetate Renew material.

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