Charles Mosa became passionate about glasses at the beginning of his career, combining his profession as an optician, with his talent as a collector.

The story began in 2012 in Nice, with a first store, then the lights of Paris attracted Charles Mosa who opened a second store just as sharp as the first.

By gleaning here and there the rare glasses of our ancestors, Charles Mosa has constituted a collection of about sixty thousand pieces, that he refurbishes one by one in order to give them a new life, just for your eyes!

It became more and more difficult to find rare and mythical models and the prices of the most beautiful pieces are flying away, so the idea of a personal collection of re-publishing has taken hold of itself in order to offer to the public, the wonders of the past at an affordable price.

The collection is made up of bezels from various eras, from the first models of social security to models of movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn and the heroes of the 60’s polars, slices of history and myths that offer a leap in time and always come back to you as beautiful and rich of memories.

To carry out his project Charles Mosa became close of his old friend Tony Gouin of the Kaigan company that already produces the Vincent Kaes collection, more general neo-vintage collection. Kaigan’s expertise in design allowed to rework old models in a pure vintage spirit, while adapting glasses to current size and comfort standards. This is how the Charles Mosa collection was born.It involves Italian manufacturers of handcrafted know-how.

Charles Mosa by Kaes is a collection of prescription glasses where the acetate reigns in master, as well as the vintage style. Its concept is to revisit the recurring and timeless themes of eyewear, while adapting them to morphologies, with concepts more controlled by new knowledge of the current optics to allow for more comfort than in the past. Associated with the collection Vincent Kaes, Charles Mosa works again with his partners every model.

" Because between a round and a round, there are worlds ", Charles Mosa proposes his personal and consensual interpretation, also while revamping to improve the Pantos and Pilote shapes. The brand can be described as beautiful materials, sober colors and beautiful finishes.