Freudenhaus or FHOne, it is one of our exclusive marks of the most appreciated, who adapts himself to all the lifestyles.

According to Stephan Flatsher and Uwe Pinhammer, glasses must be technically perfected, connected and stylished, cool, perennially fashionable, elegant and smart, but also personalized in every carrier. They want that you like your glasses as much as yourself!

FHOne, to deserve the honor to be no.1 in the world, aims to be extraordinary!! Nothing less!! Glasses are made by creative craftsmen, with an irreproachable sens of quality. Materials include Japanese titanium and the Italian acetate. Hinges are calibrated of Austria and combined with the German engineering, whereas the design is signed Stephan Fletsher.

The mixture of a classic inspiration and a touch of modernity allows a perfect design. PHOne is the fusion between the design, the quality and the comfort. It is much more than a fashion accessory, it is you!!