With more than 25 years of experience, this company creates Belgian frames of the most creative on the market, with more than 1200 models on sale worldwide. They are hand-made in Japan. Iyoko Inyaké is recognized for its original design and creativity, with colors and materials organized with accuracy to create exceptional frames, with new styles every 6 months. This unique collection is not only comfortable, it puts together perfectly in your style.

From the first years, La Zone Optique had a pleasant shock by discovering this exclusive, top of the world company of glasses. The eyewear are made with noble materials, as the layouts of rhodium, titanium and the 3.5 microns of gold which gives to the colors of their metal frames one brilliant aspects, rich and incomparable to what exists on the market.... Solid Hinges and long-lasting tints, because the color is cooked on the metal (tint by anodization), which keeps it more beautiful and for longer.

The customer servicing is also notable by its excellence and efficiency.

Made for those who looks for class, originality and luxury, for a brand that is in the most artistic and esthetic in the world!!