"A few years ago I was in Eritrea, Africa, wandering through my grandfather's old Italian import warehouse, when I came across a pair of sunglasses from a long forgotten time. The design and concept of this pair of glasses immediately evoked for me the romance of a distant and vanished era, the fusion of two worlds: the adventure of Africa and the fascination of the Riviera. I went back to the original makers of this frame and created a line that captures that timeless elegance..."

Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. creator of L.G.R.

Inspired by Africa, L.G.R. is handmade in Italy.

During a trip in 2005, Luca visited one of the optical stores in Asmara, Eritrea owned by his grandfather who had once lived in Africa from 1930 to 1970. There he discovered a box of sunglasses, which had been imported from Italy 50 years earlier. Fascinated by the elegant design of the frames, Luca brought the pieces back to Italy. He then tracked down the original manufacturers and began a small production of the authentic frames, respecting the traditional craft methods of the past. Soon after, Luca started selling in exclusive stores all over Europe. After much success in 2008, he participated in a showroom event in Paris, which resulted in his first article published in the prestigious Vogue magazine.

L.G.R. are entirely handmade in Italy by three artisan families, who build each frame from start to finish using traditional production methods to deliver an authentic and noble product. L.G.R. preserves Italian values and heritage through the hard work of real people who have spent their lives specializing in this meticulous line of art. The result is a genuine product that translates excellence through passion and authenticity.

L.G.R. is created with the idea of remaining an eternal object that will accompany the traveler on endless journeys filled with adventure. The selection of materials is therefore at the very heart of L.G.R., which sources its products to ensure that they are durable and long lasting. Cellulose acetate is used for its inherent durability and flexibility which allows the frames to adapt to the wearer's face over time, metal for its strength and design possibilities.

L.G.R. has the highest levels of optical clarity in the world and the most effective protection available on the market. Cutting edge technology is at the forefront of lens selection and only the highest quality, tempered mineral glass is used. L.G.R. offers three categories of lenses to cope with the different types of temperatures, situations and moments that one may experience. L.G.R. produces and uses its own tempered glass lenses made with state of the art equipment in the Carl Zeiss laboratories. These lenses offer 100% UV protection, 6 layers of anti-reflective coatings on the inner surface as well as oleophobic and water repellent coatings. They are also scratch and impact resistant.

L.G.R. blends traditional Italian methods of art, the latest technology and a history that dates back to Africa in the 1940s. This deep-rooted heritage permeates every aspect of L.G.R. Each design is inspired by and dedicated to the inspiring people and Africa. The result is a true product where the virtues of the past are conveyed through contemporary eyewear.