Do you have an idea of what you'd like for glasses?

I suggest you send me a picture of your face by text at 514-560-9663, and tell me the style you are looking for (metal or plastic? Color? Total budget? Prescription if already done or the old one). If you don't have a specific idea, I will be happy to inspire you! In both cases, I will be happy to help you afterwards!

To optimize the experience and try to reduce the time in the store with the masks, when you arrive, you will already have some models aside, I will have prepared a pre-selection for you in advance, that you and I will adjust. Depending on the weather or if you are accompanied, we will try everything on at the front of the store, near the door, I also put a mirror outside (protected from the wind) for the fitting without mask. Inside, I've put two mirrors for safe frame testing and you can lower your mask in those areas as well, I'll be further back, behind the plexiglass. We insist on not talking without a mask though.

Free on the plateau, in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, Villeray-Mercier-Quartier St-Michel, Masson sector and other neighborhoods not too far away. Otherwise 15$ for delivery.

Vous pourrez égolement très bientôt essayer nos modèles virtuellement avant votre consultation

EXAMEN de la vue

Have you had your eye exam lately?

Our opto is not on site, he is 5-10 minutes walk from The Optical Zone. His name is Alain Côté 514-849-9966.

His address is 4242 St-Laurent.

Click here for contact information

You can meet with him before or after your choice of frames at our office. If you see him after, you will send us your prescription by email and text, the measurements will already be taken, so you will not need to come back afterwards, we will simply proceed with the design of the lenses and the trimming and we will see you for the delivery of the final product(s).

La Zone Optique Online

  • Sending a photo taken with Iphone X or later versions, Samsung, Huawei (for a nice resolution and precise measurements), sending your prescription if you have it and making an appointment for a skype, FaceTime or other consultation to determine your needs;
  • Receive the frames you like and a second free consultation, final frame selection if you are ready, measurements and pre-adjustment evaluation;
  • Free return of the frames (the frames must come back without scratches as we will send them to you, otherwise they are yours. If you receive them and you have doubts about the perfection of a frame, reach us within 2 days of receipt and you will not be penalized, otherwise charges will apply for breakage or scratches. Think of the other customers);
  • Receipt of your complete frame and Skype, FaceTime or other appointment at the reception for delivery and maintenance advice;

Rest assured that all our products are disinfected at every stage of handling.

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